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Frame Adjustment Help

Need help adjusting your glasses? Pick a topic and let's get your frame fitting perfectly!




Adjusting Temples

Are the temples on your glasses uneven? Maybe they're too long for your face? Does the curve of the temple not fit your ears perfectly? Or did the temple fall off the frame?


Straightening uneven temples on a metal frame.


Curving the earpiece for acetate, TR-90, and plastic frames.


Shortening the temple on a metal frame.


Reattaching temples.

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Narrowing Frames

Are your frames so wide that they slide off your face? You know your frame needs to be narrowed, but how do you do this without damaging your frames?

 Also, reversing the processes detailed in these videos will widen a frame that is too tight on your face.


Narrowing an acetate, TR-90 or plastic frame.


Narrowing a metal frame.

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Re-Inserting Lenses

Did the lens pop out of your glasses? Don't worry, you don't have to take your glasses to a shop to get them fixed. There are easy ways to do it yourself at home.


Re-inserting the lens into a semi-rimless frame.


Re-inserting the lens into a full rim acetate, TR-90 or plastic frame.

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Fix Broken Acetate Frames

Did your acetate frames snap? Here's how to fix them. Not sure if your frames are acetate? Here's a quick way to tell whether the frame is acetate or a different (injection molded) material.


Fixing broken acetate frames.


Differentiating between acetate and plastic/TR-90 (injection molded materials).

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Straightening Frames

Crooked frames bothering you?

Here's how to straighten various parts of your frames, demonstrated on various materials.


Straightening a crooked acetate, TR-90 or plastic frame.


Straightening an uneven metal frame.

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Nose Pads & Screws

Maintenance of nose pads and loose screws are some of the most common complaints people have about their glasses. No need to worry about these things any longer, here are some simple ways to help you take care of these things.


Different types of nose pads (and how to change them).


Straightening a crooked nose pad.


The do's and don'ts of adjusting screws.


Screwing a temple back onto your glasses.

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